Patient Resources

Information from the patient resources page of our foot and ankle surgeon

The patient portal for our foot and ankle surgeon offers you many tools for your visit with our Cypress orthopedist, Stacy A. Bacon MD.  From our educational blog to patient forms, the portal contains the resources you need to become a proactive participant in your healthcare.

Forms you may need for our foot and ankle surgeon

We understand that no one likes filling out forms, so we try to make it more convenient by offering forms that our foot and ankle surgeon may need from you by visiting our patient portal. For example, the medical intake form in our patient portal allows you to complete this important information when you have time in your busy schedule. Our Cypress orthopedist also offers informational forms such as the HIPAA privacy policy.

Our patient portal is a secure site

We understand that you may be concerned about sharing your personal information online, but you can rest assured that the information you share with our foot and ankle surgeon through our patient portal is secure and confidential.

Resources to help you take care of business

When you see our foot and ankle surgeon for diagnosis and treatment, you may need to communicate with Dr. Bacon and her team. We offer resources through the contact us and locations pages that allow you to do several things.

  • Request an appointment with Dr. Bacon
  • Send a message to Dr. Bacon’s team
  • Find a map and directions to our locations
  • Find Dr. Bacon’s hours and availability

Our blog educates you about foot and ankle problems

Medicine is always changing and advancing, and our blog provides information you can use to help you understand foot and ankle problems, treatments and procedures.

Dr. Bacon’s experience is the best resource we offer

Dr. Bacon’s experience and training as a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon provide you with state-of-the-art treatments and surgical techniques. Her experience as an athlete provides her with the ability to empathize with you when you suffer from foot and ankle sports injuries. Dr. Bacon has been treating patients for over a decade, so she has seen and treated virtually every type of foot and ankle problem and injury.

If you or a family member are suffering from foot and ankle pain or immobility, contact us for an appointment with our Cypress orthopedist.