Foot and Ankle Sports Related Injuries

Foot and ankle sports injuries are common in athletes of all ages

Almost every sport involves movement that makes athletes susceptible to foot and ankle sports injuries. Our Cypress orthopedic surgeon, Stacy A. Bacon MD is an All-American track athlete and fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon who brings her sports knowledge and medical expertise to her work. Her love of sports helps her understand what athletes feel as they go through rehab and healing.

Diagnosing problems that occur due to foot and ankle sports injuries

Athletes may suffer an acute injury during a game or a run, or they may develop an injury over time from repetitive motion or overuse. No matter how foot and ankle sports injuries occur, our Cypress orthopedic surgeon can help with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Bacon sees many issues in her practice.

Certain foot and ankle sports injuries are more common to some sports than others.

Basketball players may develop a Jones fracture, a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone, the long bone under the toe bones. This is due to running, jumping and repetitive pounding motions.

Golfers may develop problems that affect the ball of the foot because they place pressure on it as they pivot and swing.

Football, basketball, hockey and soccer players often suffer ankle sprains and fractures because they move rapidly from side to side. They also have contusions because they play contact sports.

Runners are especially susceptible to foot and ankle sports injuries such as overuse injuries. The training and repetitive pounding motions involved with running can lead to Achilles tendonitis and stress fractures.

Whether patients are competitive athletes or casual participants, our Cypress orthopedic surgeon knows how important athletics are to their lives, and she and her staff are here to help them heal and move forward.

Getting patients back in action with treatment

After our Cypress orthopedic surgeon diagnoses what is causing a patient’s pain and mobility issues, she will develop an individualized treatment plan. Minor injuries may only require the RICE protocol—rest, ice, compression and elevation. Other foot and ankle sports injuries may respond to physical therapy and other noninvasive treatments.

Some athletes may need minimally invasive surgical procedures or more complex surgeries, such as lateral ankle stabilization, to repair chronically injured ankle ligaments that cause persistent ankle instability. Dr. Bacon has the expertise to perform complicated, state-of-the-art surgeries.

Patients with foot and ankle sports injuries will benefit from Dr. Bacon’s diagnostic and treatment skills and the attention of her dedicated staff. Contact us for an appointment and get moving again.

Specializing in

  • Stress fractures
  • Achilles ruptures
  • Achilles tears
  • Ankle sprains
  • Ligament and Tendon issues
  • Overuse injuries