Ankle Conditions

Specially trained to diagnose and treat ankle problems

Stacy A. Bacon MD is a highly trained Cypress orthopedic surgeon who has expertise in diagnosing and treating ankle problems. She added a fellowship in foot and ankle surgery to her extensive training as an orthopedic surgeon to ensure that she possesses the skills and knowledge to treat even the most complicated ankle issues.

Ankle problems range from sprains to complex issues

Our Cypress orthopedic surgeon sees patients with a variety of ankle problems. These issues can cause pain, mobility issues and even ankle deformities if left untreated. She uses her diagnostic and treatment skills to help patients deal with the pain and other symptoms these issues cause.

Diagnosis requires specialized knowledge and diagnostic tools

Dr. Bacon unravels the issues that cause patients’ pain with a variety of tools. Our physician talks to patients about their symptoms, including what aggravates their ankle problems. She also performs a physical examination, employing her years of experience to decide which tests and treatments will help alleviate patients’ symptoms. Our Cypress orthopedic surgeon may also order a bone x-ray, an MRI or an arthroscopy.

From conservative management to state-of-the-art surgery

Conservative management techniques, including injections, medications or physical therapy, can resolve certain ankle issues. More complex problems may require injections, minimally invasive procedures or complex surgery.

Arthroscopy is both a diagnostic and a treatment tool for ankle problems. This minimally invasive procedure treats several ankle issues, including arthritis and ankle instability.

Cheilectomy is the removal of bone spurs that cause nerve impingement.

Tendon transfers help patients who have lost function and normal movement in the ankle due to problems such as foot drop.

Ligament reconstruction helps stabilize weak ankles.

Total ankle arthroscopy, or ankle replacement, helps patients who have serious ankle problems such as degeneration, pain and mobility issues due to arthritis, injury or other issues. This procedure requires a surgeon with a great deal of knowledge and experience. Our Cypress orthopedic surgeon has the extensive training necessary to successfully perform complex surgeries.

Our Cypress orthopedic surgeon and her team work together to help patients

When patients have ankle problems, they may require several appointments, tests and procedures. Patients who see Dr. Bacon can rely on her excellent support staff on their journey to wellness. Our team includes our orthopedic surgeon, dedicated nurses, helpful medical assistants and a knowledgeable physician’s assistant. The team provides compassionate and skillful care. Contact us for an appointment.

Specializing in

  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Ankle deformities
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Achilles tendon issues
  • Problems with ligaments and tendons
  • Rheumatoid and juvenile arthritis